Monitor Users for Instant Risk Alerts

Monitor users in real-time for arrests, warrants, incarcerations or bookings, new sanctions or money-laundering alerts, suspension, revocations and more.

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Monitor users in real time & protect your business

True Continuous Monitoring (TCM) automates and streamlines user monitoring, by constantly checking and re-checking for new activity, allowing businesses to proactively manage risk.

Just upload a roster, add users manually, or program TCM to enroll every user automatically, and the system will subscribe to over 20,000 sources to alert you whenever new activity is reported.

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Provides immediate alerts

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Cost effective

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Fully automated process

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Build trust and security


Mitigate negligent retention liability

True Continuous Monitoring blends modern risk management with cost-effective technology, enabling proactive risk mitigation before problems arise.


Preserve brand reputation

TCM helps to identify people who have recently been arrested, booked, warranted or incarcerated for a crime, which can help to protect you from a possible security concern.


Support trust and safety

TCM can help to identify potential problems before they arise whenever someone is formally implicated in a serious matter. This adds protection and confidence in your security measures.


Stay ahead of risk

Set it and forget it. TCM reduces liability for you and your stakeholders. This product is purpose built to stop loss, deter theft, prevent fraud and mitigate risks of every kind.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective for business

Continuous monitoring reports real-time criminal activity without extra re-screen costs. You only pay for individuals on your roster. Monitoring is flexible enough to segment high-priority individuals.

Stay Informed

Stay Informed every step of the process

TCM’s comprehensive coverage ensures that no important updates are missed and you don’t have to worry about when or if it’s necessary to recheck people who may be on the move throughout the US.

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Always adding coverage


Authenticate covers more than 95% of US population and it is only growing!


100k new records added every day to our databases and they are added every 60 seconds

24 hours

Alerts are delivered within 24 hours of a record becoming public

50 states

Our databases have reported sex offender data from 50 states

Ways we help you

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Continuous court access monitoring makes communities safer.

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Help your clients protect their users, individuals and customers by keeping bad actors out. Proactive notifications help you mitigate the risks.

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Add value. Reduce risk.

Essential to everyday business, not just when a new user joins.

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TCM makes actionable court monitoring accessible, easy to deploy, and simple to maintain. Set it and forget it. We’ll tell you when there’s something you need to know when it happens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the U.S. Population Coverage?

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TCM leverages advanced technology to scour thousands of sources every minute, providing comprehensive coverage of over 95% of the U.S. population.

What's the difference between TCM & Arrest Monitoring?

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True Continuous Monitoring is a major step up from arrest monitoring. Arrest monitoring primarily focuses on notifying you when someone has been booked in jail. It may be helpful to know when a user is arrested so it’s on a business’s radar, but sometimes the process doesn’t stop there. And the keyword there is *sometimes*. An arrest may or may not get formally filed as a criminal case. Additionally, the time between an arrest and a charge being filed varies greatly. For example, we recently had a situation where a subject was arrested in August 2022, and the charge was not filed as a criminal case until February of 2023 – that’s 6 months of crickets and 6 months of exposure for that organization!

The uncertainty of not knowing when (or if) a charge will formally be filed and when to run a standard county criminal search is where TCM becomes meaningful. While arrest monitoring serves a specific purpose, TCM takes it a step further by tracking criminal cases from the moment they are filed with the court until their disposal, providing updates as the case goes through each step of the judicial process. This comprehensive coverage ensures that no important updates are missed and means companies don’t have to worry about wondering when or if to follow up on an arrest alert.

What % of U.S. incarceration facilities are covered?

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85%+ U.S. incarceration facilities are covered.

How much does enrolling one user cost?

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It costs $5 per person per year.

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